Have you ever made a decision based on your emotional state that you later regretted? If you experience strong emotions throughout your work day, this is a must-read before your make your next business or career decision. This is even true if you make a decision with your happiness being an 8 out of 10.

With my clients, I use a concept called Units of Emotion to improve decision-making. If any emotion is above a 7 out of 10, then your logic will be impaired and you are at risk of making a regretful decision.

Developing emotional self-awareness and understanding this concept can be a game changer for executives, CEOs, board members, investors, and any professional who makes daily business decisions.

How do we make better decisions?

The first step is becoming self-aware of your emotional state prior to making a big decision. This can be achieved through daily practice of mindfulness.

Once you become self-aware and notice your emotion is a 7 out of 10 or higher, you need to apply skills to lower your emotional state to improve your logic.

A few examples of these skills are breathing techniques, listening to calming music, or going for a short walk to clear your head.

Due to intense emotional states, I have seen skilled employees get fired, individuals over spend on budgets, and people making poor investments in overly risky startups.

If you are interested in improving your decision-making skills and overall mindset, then let’s talk.

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