My Mission

Alex Wisch helps you understand and maximize your physical, biological, and psychological self to achieve your greatest goals quickly and with sustainability.  Alex’s secret is his unconventional approach by understanding a client’s uniqueness, building off these strengths, and together creating a personalized user manual for success. Alex works with an array of clients that includes CEOs, executives, successful entrepreneurs, and athletes. Alex will help you ignite and foster your inner flame that will change your life forever.


Getting Started

This is your first step!  We look at every aspect of you physically and mentally to create a roadmap for your success.

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Cognitive Performance Coaching

Develop a flow rich life-style, ignite your strengths through positive psychology, and understand the secrets for mental clarity to achieve your goals.

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Performance Coaching for Athletes

Alex builds off your strengths and improves upon your weaknesses while teaching you how to find the mental edge over your opponents.

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Physical Performance Coaching

Alex works with you to achieve your fitness results in a fast, safe, and fun manner.  Nutritional counseling is included. Get ready to feel, look, and perform your best!

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Longevity, Regeneration, Performance Medicine

Dr. Lobe leaves no rock unturned and offers groundbreaking treatments and innovative solutions for unparalleled results.

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Performance Testing

Alex offers V02 and metabolic testing in Boston to help you understand your unique physiology in order to fast track your results.

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