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Alex will help you optimize your business, improve your productivity, and gain clarity in your purpose.

Through this process, you will increase your flow state to enhance your personal and professional life. In addition, Alex will help you leverage your flow state to quickly tackle your biggest personal and professional goals.

“Flow state” is when one has full immersion and concentration in an activity. The mind is working at optimal efficiency to complete a task, while one experiences a state of well-being.

Unleash Your Potential

Alex’s secret is his unconventional approach by understanding a client’s uniqueness, building off these strengths, and together creating a personalized user manual for success.

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With optimizing flow state, improving health, and reducing stress, your productivity can more than triple. Grow your business faster and set an example for the culture of your team.


Through flow and productivity coaching, you will learn to work smarter, become more productive, make better decisions, and even free up more time for family and personal life. Become the catalyst in your company that takes it to new heights.

Venture Capitalists

Private Equity

Separate yourself from the industry by optimizing your flow state to improve mental clarity, productivity, and increase your ability to land those meaningful checks from investors.
Alex Is Not Your Average Executive Coach and Peak Performance Coach

Optimize Your Business,

Body, and Mind

Alex works with an array of clients that includes executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and individuals overcoming adversity. Alex not only helps you achieve your professional goals, but he emphasizes the importance of physical and mental health.


Flow Coach


Flow Coach

Peak Performance


Meet Alex

Join Alex as he takes a deep dive into his past to share how he overcame the debilitating challenges of major depression, fostered success, and devoted his career to helping others.

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Client Testimonials

"One area Alex differentiates himself from other coaches is his ability to optimize my lifestyle, work habits, and mindset in order to significantly increase my daily productivity. I have noticeably doubled my productivity on a daily basis."

John SantiagoFounder and CEO of 1PR Brands

"Alex's willingness to push me hard, recognize my opportunities for improvement, and utilize new and innovative techniques sets him apart from any other coach I have previously worked with."

Andrew HewittMountaineer & Senior Analyst at Forrester

“As a peak performance coach myself (and the Chief Science Officer of the Flow Research Collective), I can attest Alex is both a true peak performer and a master at understanding what it takes to bring his clients into the zone. Alex has a unique ability to truly comprehend the science of optimal human performance and then translate that science into actionable results for his clients."

Michael ManninoPeak Performance Coach & Neuroscientist

“Alex is comfortable with ambiguity and is able to see opportunities where others see problems. He believes that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and will always be a driver of personal and professional growth by helping one build synergies and valuable connections."

Panos PapadiamantisCo-Founder of PNOĒ

"Alex has guided me through many challenging times, always remaining positive, enthusiastic, and enormously respectful. He has given me all the tools to live my life to the best, and I’m forever grateful for this. I cannot imagine my life without Alex in it. I look forward to all the new goals that he will be helping me reach. Although Alex lives in the Boston area, you needn’t live there to work with him. The fact that I live in Amsterdam has been no obstacle at all.”

Saskia de BadtsEx-Professional Dancer & Director of the Amsterdam Dance Centre

“I have worked with several coaches in Boston and none of them have demonstrated the professionalism, knowledge, and results that Alex Wisch has delivered. In addition, Alex has presented to me beneficial business connections and opportunities. It is obvious that Alex has a deep desire to see his clients excel in all areas of life.”

Semyon DukachFounding Partner of One Way Ventures

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