Mindset & Flow Coaching

Do you want to become more efficient with work, increase your confidence for important meetings or talks, develop samurai-like focus, or simply enhance your ability to enjoy life?

With performance coaching, we dive into your life goals and create a strategy to achieve them. First, we collect data to clearly understand your current situation. Next, we create your personal user manual on how to tackle all physical and mental challenges that may be obstructing your progress. And last, I help you apply new skills, problem-solving, biohacking, motivation, meditation, stress management, and visualization to drive your success. Alex serves as your guide in climbing whatever mountain you want to scale. Alex works with an array of clients that includes CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Alex will help you ignite and foster your inner flame that will change your life forever. (55-minute session with weekly e-mail communication).

Physical Performance Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your physical progress, unable to lose weight, struggling to put on muscle, have a debilitating injury, or are not sure where to start?

Alex assists you in developing a step-by-step plan for your body’s needs. Every routine is individualized with an emphasis on your goals for increased results and recovery. Sessions may consist of a warm-up, strength training, cardiovascular training, injury prevention, mobility, flexibility, and independent wellness goals, as well as accountability.

In addition, Alex will dive into your nutritional needs and help you understand your unique biology, create a personalized exercise plan, and a second exercise routine for when your life gets hectic and time is limited. (55-minute session with weekly e-mail communication).

Performance Coaching for Athletes

What does it take to reach the pinnacle as an athlete?

Alex thoroughly evaluates what has and has not worked for you, assess your personal strengths and weaknesses, and create a winning strategy to increase your physical abilities in the fastest and safest way possible based on the latest research.

In addition, Alex helps you gain a mental edge over your competition by breaking down cognitive beliefs, practicing mindfulness, visualization, mental toughness, and other techniques for sustainable success. (90-minute session with email communication).

Mental Wellness Optimization

Are you looking to improve your mood and cognition? Have you found traditional mental health treatments to be ineffective?

Through Alex’s mountain of knowledge, personal experiences, and understanding the power of holistic care, lifestyle, and mindset, Alex will create a winning strategy for you to achieve your mental wellness goals. Learn about psychological strategies, nutrition, supplements, US and international treatments, cutting edge technologies, psychedelic therapies, nootropic supplements and drugs, and other available resources to optimize your mood.

This consultation is for anyone who wants to improve their mood for optimal wellness, reduce ADHD symptoms, improve cognition, or struggling with mental illness. Alex believes in collaborating with other practitioners to offer the best possible care for his clients. Along his journey he has developed relationships with some of the top practitioners and experts in the world. (55-minute consultation with written report).

“Every day has the potential to be filled with happiness, excitement, love, passion, drive, and accomplishment. Let’s work together to understand the root cause, what has and has not worked, and develop a strategy towards a brighter horizon.”

Performance Coaching on the Go!

Wish you could have Alex Wisch with you wherever you go?

You would be able to know the right foods to eat at a restaurant, confirmation on exercise form, what exercises to do when you are on the move, daily strategies, feedback to hit your professional goals out of the park, words of motivation when energy is low and much more.

You will have direct access to Alex with Voxer that allows you to send voice recordings, texts, pictures, and videos. (This is an add-on service).

Consulting Services

If you are interested in having Alex Wisch advise your company, help develop a corporate wellness program, offer public speaking at an event, invest in your preventative health company, please book a call here. We look forward to collaborating with you.