“I have worked with several trainers in Boston and none of them have demonstrated the professionalism, knowledge, and results that Alex Wisch has delivered.  In addition, Alex has presented to me beneficial business connections and opportunities. It is obvious that Alex has a deep desire to see his clients excel in all areas of life.”

Saskia de Badts: Ex-Professional Dancer and Director of the Amsterdam Dance Centre

“Three years ago, I contacted Alex because I wanted to lose weight; being unsuccessfully in controlling my weight for the past 30 years. Five minutes into our conversation, Alex entirely understood my issues and took what I was looking for to another level – the goal of a long, happy, healthy life. Looking back at our journey today, our work together has brought me so much more than I ever hoped for. It has truly changed my life. Because Alex has extensive knowledge in so many different areas, he is continually helping to improve who you are, both physically and mentally. One of his many strengths is on-the-spot problem solving, so you always leave a session with solutions and ideas that you’d never think of yourself. Alex has guided me through many challenging times, always remaining positive, enthusiastic, and enormously respectful. He has given me all the tools to live my life to the best, and I’m forever grateful for this. I cannot imagine my life without Alex in it. I look forward to all the new goals that he will be helping me reach. Although Alex lives in the Boston area, you needn’t live there to work with him. The fact that I live in Amsterdam has been no obstacle at all.”

“Alex coached me during my first year of competing in OCR events in 2018 when I achieved 2nd place in Worlds and again in 2020. He has a very unique approach where he is not set on any one type of method unlike other coaches, but he assesses and determines the best approach for your body, mind, and specific events. Alex will even pull in other experts outside of his network to collaborate and offer the greatest possible results. He was able to assist in my mental focus and strategy for each race. He even went as far as traveling with me in 2018 to Tahoe for Spartan Worlds and to England for OCR Worlds to make sure I was at my physical and mental peak for race day. Alex is creative, extremely dedicated, and fully invested in every client he works with.”

As a peak performance coach myself, I can attest Alex is both a true peak performer and a master at understanding what it takes to bring his clients into the zone. Alex has a unique ability to truly comprehend the science of human performance and then translate that science into actionable results for his clients. Personally, he is super friendly, communicates extremely well, has a high level of interpersonal intelligence, and is very thoughtful and kind. A true professional. If you want to up the level of your game, maximize your potential, and find self-mastery, both physically and mentally, choose Alex and his team!

I have had the privilege of working with Alex Wisch for more than 2 years as a member of my company’s advisory board. When thinking of him and his work two things come to mind: Integrity, and Willingness to make things happen. Alex is comfortable with ambiguity and is able to see opportunities where others see problems. He believes that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and will always be a driver of personal and professional growth by helping one build synergies and valuable connections. Thanks to Alex, PNOĒ has established relations with leading firms in fitness, attracted top talent, and landed highly valuable business relationships. Alex has been a catalyst of growth for PNOĒ and an invaluable member of our team.”

“Working with Alex towards my athletic goals has been a genuinely positive experience. From the beginning, Alex always took a holistic approach to my training plan. He put the mental and emotional needs of the athlete at the same level of importance as physical improvement, and I always felt supported even through the most challenging obstacles. After the assessment, Alex targeted specific areas of improvement in my strength and conditioning that hugely improved my climbing, and with his encouragement, I was able to break through many plateaus I did not initially think I was capable of doing. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone interested in taking their performance to the next level.”

“Alex has been a tremendous personal trainer, life coach, and friend for the past five years. From the beginning, Alex has helped me improve my physical and mental game when it comes to climbing, whether that was helping me climb my first 5.13, win a competition at my local gym, or prepare for an ascent of Mt. Rainier. Alex’s willingness to push me hard, recognize my opportunities for improvement, and utilize new and innovative training and recovery techniques sets him apart from any other trainer I have previously worked with. But it’s not just fitness that Alex can help with. He has a full repertoire of skills for addressing issues with work/life balance, stress, and personal growth. Alex is a top-notch personal coach, and I recommend him without reservation to anyone who wants to up their life game. 

“I’m a blind competitive sailor who has placed in sighted and blind national and international competitions.  I have been working with Alex for over 3 years.   Alex treats my personal goals as if they are his own goals by aiming to achieve the best possible outcome. He arrives at each session with encouragement, wisdom, kindness, and respect.   Alex motivates me in a way that extends to all aspects of my life; mental, physical, and professional. He ignites and fosters the passion I have for sailing competitively and striving towards peak physical shape. Alex has taught me to think BIG! Now I am making plans to become the first blind female to complete a solo transatlantic crossing and eventually the first blind solo sailor to circumnavigate the world. I am forever grateful for having Alex on my team. As a blind woman working with Alex, I feel more equipped to face all of life’s challenges.

“Alex is a fantastic coach/trainer!  I have worked with Alex over the past 3 years and he has improved my climbing, strength, and overall physical condition beyond a level I thought possible. Alex always meets me where I am at and is very creative with our sessions, always keeping it fresh. But what really sets Alex apart is his understanding of the human condition and ability to listen with compassion. We begin each session with a check-in. Sometimes these are a few minutes and other times about 20 minutes. He has helped me through some very difficult times. He offers understanding, great advice, and very effective training.  I highly recommend Alex!

Adrienne: Entrepreneur

“I have been training with Alex Wisch for 19 months. Alex helped me achieve my personal goal of a pullup in 5 months after several years of me trying and failing on my own. On the way, he also convinced me to try obstacle course racing and powerlifting, both of which I found I really enjoyed. When I found out I was expecting my first child, Alex put together a safe, comprehensive weight lifting plan (sumo deadlifts!) that kept me strong. He worked with me to keep me interested in exercise even when pregnancy challenges meant I had to stop my traditional running-based workouts and COVID 19 meant we had to move to socially distanced training sessions outdoors in a nearby park. I worked out until 3 days before my daughter was born, and I credit regular exercise with helping me maintain my mental health as well as my physical health in 2020.  The whole time, Alex has been creative and professional, always ready to go the extra mile for a client and adapt to specific issues while challenging me to improve. I will continue to train with Alex going forward.

Jake: Professor

“I recently started working with Alex because I’ve been dealing with low mood and fatigue after a period of prolonged inactivity and illness. After our first session, Alex recommended supplements and behavioral techniques that have given me a boost in both mood and energy. I’ve been truly impressed with his wide array of knowledge on health and fitness but even more so his strong analytic capacity which he employs to explain the mechanisms and science behind his suggestions. As I move toward my goal of greater exercise tolerance and improved mental outlook I have full confidence in his ability and support.

Nathan: Tech Executive

“Working with Alex has been a total game-changer. He combines the discipline of an elite coach with the mindfulness practices of an experienced cognitive-behavioral practitioner. I highly recommend working with him if you want to reach higher levels of performance in whatever you choose to focus on.

Jess: Student & Battling Neuromuscular Degenerative Disease

“A few years ago, after receiving a disheartening diagnosis, I contacted Alex Wisch. Doctors told me I needed to stay active to combat the progression of a neuromuscular degenerative disease. Initially, I enrolled with a local physical therapist for treatment. After months of the same exercises, I grew bored and unmotivated. I needed something that would both hinder the progression of my illness and elevate my passion for exercise.  That is when I met Alex who utilizes rock climbing and unique programming to significantly improved my condition. He understands my issues and chooses to approach them with a physical and mental strategy. In addition, he demonstrates his sincerity to help his clients in all areas of life.  Every session he would give me a vocab word to help with my upcoming SATs.  Also, he ends every session with a debriefing of the key points of the material we covered, making sure the lessons from each session are remembered. I would recommend Alex to anyone who wants to excel in life; whether a top athlete or overcoming a severe illness.