“As an executive coach, Alex has helped me gain the visibility I always wanted and learn how to find and use my authentic voice. Alex taught me how to feel my best, perform at my best and discover purpose and meaning at work and in life overall. Overall I have learned to map out, refine, and own my career trajectory. From job transition to entrepreneurship, doing it on my terms. Alex possess a unique ability to influence others in a positive way. He focuses on well-being and leadership development. He leads with confidence and build ups, inspires and empowers people around him. I am grateful to be in his sphere of influence.”

Alex Wisch Boston MA

“I have worked with several coaches in Boston and none of them have demonstrated the professionalism, knowledge, and results that Alex Wisch has delivered. In addition, Alex has presented to me beneficial business connections and opportunities. It is obvious that Alex has a deep desire to see his clients excel in all areas of life.”

Andrew Hewitt Alex Wisch Boston MA

“Alex has played an enormous role in my life development. As a trainer, life coach, and friend for the past 8 years, Alex has helped me overcome innumerable obstacles. In the beginning, Alex helped me improve my climbing performance, training me to climb my first 5.13, win my first paid national climbing competition, and ascend Mt. Rainier. Over the years, my relationship with Alex has evolved, and he’s helped me develop strategies to avoid burnout, increase my focus ability, and maximize my potential. With Alex’s guidance, I’ve tripled my salary at work, received four promotions, and won numerous company awards – all while working substantially less than I used to, which only frees up more time to do things that interest me. Alex’s willingness to push me hard, recognize my opportunities for improvement, and utilize new and innovative techniques sets him apart from any other coach I have previously worked with. I recommend him without reservation to anyone who wants to push past the limits of what they think is possible for their life.”

Michael Mannino Alex Wisch Boston MA

“As a peak performance coach myself (and the Chief Science Officer of the Flow Research Collective), I can attest Alex is both a true peak performer and a master at understanding what it takes to bring his clients into the zone. Alex has a unique ability to truly comprehend the science of optimal human performance and then translate that science into actionable results for his clients.”

Saskia de Badts Alex Wisch Boston MA
Saskia de Badts: Ex-Professional Dancer & Director of the Amsterdam Dance Centre

“Five minutes into our conversation, Alex entirely understood my issues and took what I was looking for to another level – the goal of a long, happy, healthy life. Looking back at our journey today, our work together has brought me so much more than I ever hoped for; I am fit, I feel great in my body, wrote a book, and started a successful business. Because Alex has extensive knowledge in so many different areas, he is continually helping to improve who you are, both physically and mentally. One of his many strengths is on-the-spot problem solving, so you always leave a session with solutions and ideas that you’d never think of yourself. Alex has guided me through many challenging times, always remaining positive, enthusiastic, and enormously respectful. He has given me all the tools to live my life to the best, and I’m forever grateful for this. I cannot imagine my life without Alex in it. I look forward to all the new goals that he will be helping me reach. Although Alex lives in the Boston area, you needn’t live there to work with him. The fact that I live in Amsterdam has been no obstacle at all.”

Panos Papadiamantis Alex Wisch Boston MA
Panos Papadiamantis: Co-Founder of PNOĒ

“I have had the privilege of working with Alex Wisch for more than 2 years as a member of my company’s advisory board. When thinking of him and his work two things come to mind: Integrity, and Willingness to make things happen. Alex is comfortable with ambiguity and is able to see opportunities where others see problems. He believes that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and will always be a driver of personal and professional growth by helping one build synergies and valuable connections. Thanks to Alex, PNOĒ has established relations with leading firms in fitness, attracted top talent, and landed highly valuable business relationships. Alex has been a catalyst of growth for PNOĒ and an invaluable member of our team.”

Rich Brady Alex Wisch Boston MA
Rich Brady: Associate Director & HR Business Partner at Chewy

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex for several years in both personal health, performance, and in executive coaching. Alex brings a truly personalized and client-specific approach to his work focusing on the exact client needs. He looks at the whole person to establish reasonable, reliable, and effective habits to help his clients reach their peak performance–no matter the simplicity or complexity of the individual’s situation. Through my work with Alex, he has taught me skills and habits to improve both physically and mentally in sports, my career, and in my personal life. Many coaches say they focus on the client–but Alex takes this to the next level as he works to understand the entire person, their interests, communities, goals, struggles, and successes. This full picture approach allows Alex to provide in depth, personalized, and effective coaching.”

Briana Evigan Alex Wisch Boston MA
Briana Evigan: Motion Picture Actress

“Alex is a straightforward, hardworking, dedicated team member. He has brought great value to finding investors, building relationships, and introducing new connections to people on a weekly basis. He is punctual, always has something to bring to the table and has a strong business IQ. He is a man of his word, thinks outside the box, is open and willing to take on new challenges, and pushes the limit.

For me, trust is a huge part of having business partners. I trust that he is able to share my vision clearly when he is on calls with others. His desire goes way beyond business in being aligned and passionate for making a global impact, and being a game changer. He is fun to work with and has made it clear that he cares very much about his clients and colleagues. It has been a great honor having Alex on board and I always look forward to our weekly calls.”

Josh Levin Alex Wisch Boston MA

“Working with Alex towards my athletic goals has been a genuinely positive experience. From the beginning, Alex always took a holistic approach to my training plan. He put the mental and emotional needs of the athlete at the same level of importance as physical improvement, and I always felt supported even through the most challenging obstacles. One of the most powerful exercises we did revolved around visualization of my goals before the US Olympic trials for rock climbing, and with his encouragement I was able to break through many plateaus I did not think I was capable of. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone interested in taking their performance to the next level.”

Wendy Ingram Alex Wisch Boston MA
Wendy Ingram: Founder and CEO of Dragonfly Mental Health & Chair of AMIA Mental Health Informatics WG

“I met Alex in 2021 and am so thankful for his superb mentorship throughout the MassChallenge Accelerator. Alex was instrumental to work with as a new startup. He is thoughtful, consistent, creative, well connected, and truly demonstrated he cared about our work and success. Every meeting was a hugely beneficial use of time and I always looked forward to sharing our progress and knew I would leave with clear concrete action items. Following the conclusion of the accelerator, Alex has continued to be a phenomenal supporter and advisor. If you have the opportunity to work with Alex, you should count yourself very lucky!”

Connor Pogue: Innovation Scout at Fluor Corporation

“Alex brings high energy and great professional to mentoring and advising. I enjoyed working with Alex and appreciate the thoughtful approach that he took with me as a client. He helped me think critically about my startup, and I would definitely recommend working with Alex if you have the chance!”

John Santiago Alex Wisch Boston MA

“Alex has been a tremendous resource for me and my team over the last 3 months. From providing access to strategic partners, capital resources, and personal business coaching, the list goes on. I’ve learned to take a step back and assess situations from a 360 degree with a lot more confidence.

Being a Leader is hard – especially when your reaction can set off a chain reaction within your internal infrastructure. Alex has helped me improve my self awareness and skillset to maintain my composure and make mindful decisions in both tough situations and exciting opportunities.

Alex has supported me by talking through objectives, consulting on projects, and offering support around improving my health and wellness. In addition, one area Alex differentiates himself from other coaches is his ability to optimize my lifestyle, work habits, and mindset in order to significantly increase my daily productivity. I have noticeably doubled my productivity on a daily basis.

These are just a few of the many areas that Alex has enriched my journey as a leader and entrepreneur. You meet a lot of people throughout your life and very few end up remaining in your circle. Alex is one of those few.”

Andrew Horner Alex Wisch Boston MA
Andrew Horner: Project Manager at Unispace

“The most important things to know about Alex are that he genuinely cares about the people he works with and he has an unrelenting thirst for knowledge. These two attributes, along with his already vast wealth of information, ensure you’ll be introduced to new concepts that will benefit your professional, physical, and mental wellbeing. Through our work together I reached my peak physical form (specializing in climbing and OCR events) and increased my daily productivity. Outside of fitness training, we discussed multiple mindset / flow theories. This education helped me learn new ways to look at problems which removed subconscious constraints. I also appreciate that I feel like an active participant in our sessions together; We’re always on the same page with goals and that leads to a positive working relationship! Alex’s value-add to my life is unquestionable, thanks Alex!”

Ethan Lazar: Founder and Co-CEO of Costa Brava Cocktails

“Alex is an amazing resource, and an extremely hardworking individual. His biggest strength is putting the right people together to push an organization forward. Alex is a connecting away from virtually anybody.”

Nathan Green Alex Wisch Boston MA
Nathan Green: Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Hubilo

“Alex is a unique blend of deep knowledge, strong accountability, and personal empathy. He wants you to succeed at your highest level goals and will push you + support you in getting there. I’ve known Alex for over 15 years and am constantly amazed by his drive and his desire to help others. I strongly recommend working with Alex if you are looking to level up your life personally, financially or in any area of business.”

Jess Quirk Alex Wisch
Jess Quirk: Student & Battling Neuromuscular Degenerative Disease

“A few years ago, after receiving a disheartening diagnosis, I contacted Alex Wisch. Doctors told me I needed to stay active to combat the progression of a neuromuscular degenerative disease. Initially, I enrolled with a local physical therapist for treatment. After months of the same exercises, I grew bored and unmotivated. I needed something that would both hinder the progression of my illness and elevate my passion for exercise.  That is when I met Alex who utilizes rock climbing and unique programming to significantly improve my condition. He understands my issues and chooses to approach them with a physical and mental strategy. In addition, he demonstrates his sincerity to help his clients in all areas of life.  Every session he would give me a vocab word to help with my upcoming SATs.  Also, he ends every session with a debriefing of the key points of the material we covered, making sure the lessons from each session are remembered. I would recommend Alex to anyone who wants to excel in life; whether a top athlete or overcoming a severe illness.