What if I told you that your biggest adversities in life were your greatest assets? I am talking about the cruelest and darkest challenges you went through can actually add tremendous value to you and others. This value can be beneficial gain, global impact, or saving a life.

I don’t wish upon my worst of enemies to go through the eight hellish years of unresponsive major depression I suffered, but I am grateful for the experience. My adversity fostered my athletic, personal, and professional success.

Changing your perspective of the adversity is key! You can either take the experience and lock it into your mental dungeon or lean into the experience and recognize how you survived and grew. If you choose the latter, you will gain deeper insight about yourself, your strengths, and your intrinsic motivators that drive success. Many of your greatest leaders and athletes built their futures from adversity.

The Decision is Yours.

Turning adversity into opportunity is far from easy and many of us might not feel ready to make the shift. At first, you may experience more pain when you leverage your adversity. But, with the right support and mindset, the possibilities are endless. People need your help and the world needs your skills!

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