How did Michel Lotito successfully eat an entire Cessna 150 airplane and what does that teach us in regards to accomplishing our dreams?

Many thought that eating an entire airplane was impossible and they were right if it was to be consumed in one sitting. Michel’s secret is how he took an “impossible” feat and turned it into daily achievable goals. He ground the entire airplane into fine dust and over two years sprinkled this dust on all his food until the airplane was fully consumed.

This is a clear demonstration that by breaking down a much larger goal into daily tasks you can achieve almost anything. But how do you take a 2, 5, or 10-year goal and break it down into daily tasks?

First, you start with your end goal and work backward to create yearly goals. Next, you focus on your year one goal and break it into four quarterly goals. Then you focus on the first quarter and determine weekly goals. Lastly, you break your first week into daily goals.

Having clear daily goals that are broken down into tasks helps one enter a “flow state”, increasing productivity 5X. Pro tip: The night prior outline your next day with significant detail to reduce any friction and increase your likelihood of achieving flow.

Planning is essential for this process to be successful, so remember to use your Sundays to outline the week ahead. In addition, at the end of each month have a team meeting to review what did and did not work.

Are you ready to eat your airplane?

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