If you want to tap into “flow”, the endless source of productivity, you first need to tame your anxiety.

When our anxiety becomes a 7 out of 10 or greater, our logic drops, we cannot focus, our mind races, cortisol levels spike, we forget our goals, and we feel out of control.

One strategy I use to reduce my daily anxiety and cortisol levels is scheduling “Worry Time”. Instead of trying to deny myself the ability to feel anxious, I give myself complete permission to worry for 15 minutes every afternoon. During this time I will set a 15-minute alarm and force myself to write in my journal about all of my worries. Once my “Worry Time” is over, I go about my day and if a worry comes up, I remind myself that I have already done my worrying for the day.

Starting this process can first be a little overwhelming, but after a week your mind will begin to adjust. Also, different people do better having their “Worry Time” in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

This method has been my greatest tool in combating daily anxiety and accessing more flow in my life.

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