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FFMH Alex Wisch

Hi, I'm Alex Wisch.
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On this 30 min consultation with Alex Wisch we will dive into your aspiring physical, personal, and mental goals.

This session is an opportunity to clearly define your goals and understand your sustainable path to achieve them that works with your lifestyle needs.

What we will address:

  • Greatest aspiring goals (physical, personal, and mental)
  • Action steps and resources to achieve your goals
  • Lifestyle tips to optimize time, increase accountability and improve overall performance through stress reduction and flow training
  • What working with Alex would look like
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Unlock Your True Potential

Alex’s secret is his unconventional approach by understanding a client’s uniqueness, building off these strengths, and together creating a personalized user manual for success.

How We Can Help

Optimize Your Body & Mind

Alex works with an array of clients that includes executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and Individuals Overcoming Adversity. Alex will help you ignite and foster your inner flame that will change your life forever.

In collaboration with Boston Bouldering Project.

Flow Coach


Flow Coach


Flow Coach

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Flow Coach


Client Testimonials

"Working with Alex towards my athletic goals has been a genuinely positive experience. From the beginning, Alex always took a holistic approach to my training plan. He put the mental and emotional needs of the athlete at the same level of importance as physical improvement, and I always felt supported even through the most challenging obstacles."

Josh LevinWorld-Renowned Climber; American Ninja Warrior; Engineer

"Alex has played an enormous role in my life development. As a trainer, life coach, and friend for the past 8 years, Alex has helped me overcome innumerable obstacles. In the beginning, Alex helped me improve my climbing performance, training me to climb my first 5.13, win my first paid national climbing competition, and ascend Mt. Rainier."

Andrew HewittMountaineer & Senior Analyst

"Five minutes into our conversation, Alex entirely understood my issues and took what I was looking for to another level – the goal of a long, happy, healthy life. Looking back at our journey today, our work together has brought me so much more that I ever hoped for; I am fit, I feel great in my body, wrote a book, and started a successful business."

Saskia de BadtsEx-Professional Dancer & Director of the Amsterdam Dance Centre

"A few years ago, after receiving a disheartening diagnosis, I contacted Alex Wisch. Doctors told me I needed to stay active to combat the progression of a neuromuscular degenerative disease. [...] That is when I met Alex who utilizes rock climbing and unique programming to significantly improve my condition. He understands my issues and chooses to approach them with a physical and mental strategy. In addition, he demonstrates his sincerity to help his clients in all areas of life."

Jess QuirkStudent & Battling Neuromuscular Degenerative Disease

"I've had the pleasure of working with Alex for several years in both personal health, performance, and in executive coaching. Alex brings a truly personalized and client-specific approach to his work focusing on the exact client needs. He looks at the whole person to establish reasonable, reliable, and effective habits to help his clients reach their peak performance – no matter the simplicity or complexity of the individual's situation."

Rich BradyAssociate Director & HR Business Partner at Chewy

"Alex is by far and away the best coach I have ever known on many levels! I have worked with Alex for ~7 years and he always shows up with new ideas and fresh work outs, meets me where I am at, has helped me work with at least a few injuries and to navigate many personal and work-related challenges."

Susan RedicanAvid Climber

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