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You don’t have to sacrifice your health to accomplish your goals!

Alex will show you how improving your physical and mental health allows you to achieve and sustain your highest level of performance!


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Hi, I'm Alex Wisch, let's book your breakthrough session!

On this 30 min breakthrough session with Alex Wisch we will dive into your aspiring physical, personal, mental and/or professional goals.

This session is an opportunity to clearly define your goals and understand your sustainable path to achieve them that works with your lifestyle needs.

What we will address:

  • Greatest aspiring goals (physical, personal, mental, and/or professional)
  • Action steps and resources to achieve your goals
  • Life-style tips to optimize time, increase accountability and improve overall performance through stress reduction and flow training.
  • What working with Alex would look like
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Unlock Your True Potential

Alex’s secret is his unconventional approach by understanding a client’s uniqueness, building off these strengths, and together creating a personalized user manual for success.


Entrepreneurs often have high stress. Focusing on mental and physical health unlocks sustainable peak performance. As your company grows, you should too.


Executives with stressful and demanding jobs will benefit from optimized sustainable performance, mental health, and physical health.

Venture Capitalists

Faced with high stakes and challenging work, Venture Capitalists will benefit from optimized sustainable performance, mental health, and physical health.
How We Can Help

Optimize Your Body & Mind

Alex works with an array of clients that includes executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and Individuals Overcoming Adversity. Alex will help you ignite and foster your inner flame that will change your life forever.

Flow Coach


Flow Coach


Flow Coach

& Flow

Flow Coach


Alex Wisch Fit Boston Productivity Coaching

What Would You Accomplish?

Lead others with more confidence, develop skills faster, or simply get more done. Start activating your power and potential to live a fully charged life.

Client Testimonials

“As a peak performance coach myself, I can attest Alex is both a true peak performer and a master at understanding what it takes to bring his clients into the zone. Alex has a unique ability to truly comprehend the science of human performance and then translate that science into actionable results for his clients."

Michael ManninoPeak Performance Coach & Neuroscientist

“Alex is comfortable with ambiguity and is able to see opportunities where others see problems. He believes that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and will always be a driver of personal and professional growth by helping one build synergies and valuable connections."

Panos PapadiamantisCo-founder & CFO PNOĒ

"Alex has guided me through many challenging times, always remaining positive, enthusiastic, and enormously respectful. He has given me all the tools to live my life to the best, and I’m forever grateful for this. I cannot imagine my life without Alex in it. I look forward to all the new goals that he will be helping me reach. Although Alex lives in the Boston area, you needn’t live there to work with him. The fact that I live in Amsterdam has been no obstacle at all.”

Saskia de BadtsEx-Professional Dancer and Director of the Amsterdam Dance Centre

“I have worked with several trainers in Boston and none of them have demonstrated the professionalism, knowledge, and results that Alex Wisch has delivered. In addition, Alex has presented to me beneficial business connections and opportunities. It is obvious that Alex has a deep desire to see his clients excel in all areas of life.”

Semyon DukachFounding Partner of One Way Ventures

Alex is a fantastic coach/trainer! I have worked with Alex over the past 3 years and he has improved my climbing, strength, and overall physical condition beyond a level I thought possible. Alex always meets me where I am at and is very creative with our sessions, always keeping it fresh.

Susan RAvid Climber & VP of Biotech in Cambridge, MA

“Alex coached me during my first year of competing in OCR events in 2018 when I achieved 2nd place in Worlds and again in 2020. He has a very unique approach where he is not set on any one type of method unlike other coaches, but he assesses and determines the best approach for your body, mind, and specific events. Alex is creative, extremely dedicated, and fully invested in every client he works with.”

Rebecca HammondProfessional Obstacle Course Racer and Doctor; 2nd in OCR World 2018; 2nd in Spartan World 2018

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